Creating offices that double as data centres – with free hot water

ResetData has installed the first liquid-cooled data server in an Australian commercial building, modelling a future in which landlords adapt unused space to offer clients edge data centre services – and get free hot water. The commissioning of two 100-kilowatt pods in Investa’s 151 Clarence Street tower in Sydney will use the basement as a […]

Five lessons that will make the gaming industry sit up and pay attention

Of the millions of hours we spent at home over the past two years, a substantial number of them were devoted to streaming and gaming. The sheer volume of data that has been uploaded and downloaded over this period has suggested that people’s time has been – and will continue to be – devoted to […]

Building revolutionary data centres to change the world.

A data centre that reduces latency, increases proximity, packs 10x the compute density into an area of equal size while delivering cost savings sounds too good to be true, but ResetData has arrived to reset expectations for the better. The promise of technology is a series of revolutions that constantly augment human capabilities to ever […]

Data Centres and sustainability

The Global threat of climate change and the role that Data plays Climate change has by wide concensus been recognised as a viable threat to our core environments globally, though if you have been following Australia’s official stance on the global market you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise. The media attention on Australia’s emissions […]

We launch a sustainable data centre model

With the 37 billion litres of water required each year to cool Australia’s various data centres with existing technology, the tech industry is a major contributor to multiple environmental hazards troubling the world right now. To counter this, Australian innovator ResetData is leading the way in their unique data centre environment offering which provides an […]

Macdata to ofer cooler data

Macquarie Data Centres (MDC) and ResetData are bringing world-leading data centre cooling technology to Australia. MDC delivers governments, gamers and metaverse builders the opportunity to use data more efficiently by enabling vital technologies such as GPU-as-a-service inside a sovereign and secure data centre facility. MDC, which is part of Macquarie Telecom Group, has signed a […]

Macquarie data centres and ResetData bring world-leading data centre technology to Australia

Macquarie Data Centres, part of Macquarie Telecom Group (ASX: MAQ), has signed a multi-year deal with ResetData, using Submer data centre technology. The partnership will see Submer cooling technology used in Australia for the first time, exclusively. Compared with traditional water and air-cooling technologies, Submer’s immersion cooling can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 45 per […]

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