Building revolutionary data centres to change the world.

A data centre that reduces latency, increases proximity, packs 10x the compute density into an area of equal size while delivering cost savings sounds too good to be true, but ResetData has arrived to reset expectations for the better.

The promise of technology is a series of revolutions that constantly augment human capabilities to ever more impressive new levels, and history has shown this to be true, time and again, from the earliest days of using tools, harnessing fire and inventing the wheel.

Today, the modern world is fully digital, and powered by ever more advanced, power efficient and faster, cloud-connected data centres, which have also benefited from the never ending march of tech.

Now comes technology to massively disrupt and advanced data centres for the better. It’s a development which is urgently needed given the current data centre industry consumes up to 4% of global power resources.

There’s also the fact traditional cooling technology is losing viability as processing speeds exponentially increase.

Then there’s the problem where data centre operators currently work on cost driven solutions for large format data aggregation and processing, causing latency issues.

Well, ResetData is here with a better solution that improves data latency, enhances data proximity, packs 10 times more compute density into an area of equal size, while delivering cost savings to your business.

The company does this while drastically reducing the energy and water resources required to run data centres, thereby improving the impact on our planet.

ResetData promises:

The Lowest PUE 1.03 mechanical and 1.10 total

Lowest carbon footprint in the Australian DC market

The highest speed data connection, with unlimited capacity using dark fibre

Higher performance, lower latency, higher density, at a lower cost

Edge computing in an urban location with the highest security, Tier III and IV redundancy

An offer guaranteed at a lower cost, so much that ResetData says it will beat any co-location rate by 10%.

Published: October 27, 2022

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