Making a Positive Difference


45% less CO2 by using immersion cooling


ZERO wastewater


Green energy certification available to customers


10 X smaller format equals less embodied energy


99% of heat recycled can be reused

A Smarter Choice

Lower Power Consumption
We use Submer Immersion Cooling technology to save 95% of cooling power in our data centres. This technology allows our data centres to reduce our CO2 emissions by 45%. Our mechanical PUE is 1.03 and our Total PUE is estimated at 1.10.

Heat Recycling
We aim to reuse excess heat generated by the servers through supplying hot water loops to central heating or building hot water systems.

Greener Power Generation
We offer our customers the option access to renewable energy and green certificates further reducing our carbon footprint to zero.

Lower Embodied Energy
We can achieve densification 10 times greater than that of a traditional data centre. Our building envelope therefore has significantly less embodied energy compared to traditional data centre formats.

Zero Wastewater
Data centres that use evaporative cooling consume millions of gallons of water per day. Our cooling technology is a closed water loop with zero wastewater.


Sustainable Advantage

Oh, and did we mention that sustainability costs considerably less for our customers?

  • We use dark fibre, so your communications are the quickest, fastest and cheapest in market

  • Immersion Cooling increases lifespan of IT hardware by 30%

  • Immersion Cooling decreases failure rate by 60%

  • Less equipment, zero moving parts, reduced maintenance