Smart, Green and Clean

Smart, Green and Clean
In our quest to globally re-shape data centres, ResetData exclusively procures Submer products.

It is time to change the world, one data centre at a time.


Smart Solutions for Next Generations Data Centres

In 2015, a team of industry forward-thinkers and innovation visionaries acknowledged it was time for the data centre industry to turn over a new leaf. The idea was to challenge the way data centres are perceived and understood, and how this can create deep change in the way technology and humans behave.

Driven by Daniel Pope and Pol Valls, the main driver was to construct and operate data centres in a more sustainable and efficient way. Submer was born to pave the way towards next generation data centres; designing, building and installing solutions for HPC, hyperscaler, datacenters, Edge, AI, DL and blockchain applications.

What Is Immersion Cooling?

Also known as liquid submersion cooling, it is the practice of submerging computer components (or full servers) in a thermally, but not electrically, conductive liquid (dielectric coolant) allowing higher heat transfer performance than air and many other benefits.

IT hardware or servers cooled in this manner do not require fans and the heat exchange between the warm coolant and cool water circuit usually occurs through a heat exchanger (that is, heater core or radiator).

“We enable next generation cooling and automation for data and energy-intense environments by integrating our pristine, highly-efficient and sustainable technologies.
Solving the challenges of today and powering the use cases of the future.”

Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer

Why is Immersion Cooling the Smart Choice?

Compared to traditional cooling technologies, Immersion Cooling is 95% more efficient.

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Air Cooling

  • Poor thermal conductor

  • High capex and opex cost

  • Consumes significant amounts of power, water and space to operate

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Liquid Cooling

  • 1,400 times more efficient thermal conductor than air

  • 40% less Total Cost of Ownership

  • End-to-end solution to densities and efficiency

  • Compatible with Fibre Optics

  • No need of great adaptations to all your hardware

  • Scalable & modular

  • Owns full stack of the technology

  • SmartCoolant lifespan up to 15 years