Rethinking tomorrow’s data centres, today

ResetData was founded in early 2021 with the vision to deliver low latency, higher processing capable data centres that are also sustainable.

By using the world’s best technology, we are committed to deliver a long-lasting sustainable data solution.


A Smarter Choice

Today we’re seeing the rise of mega facilities having a significant impact on our environment. Data centres are forecast to consume 4% of the world’s energy by 2025. This equates to data centres potentially producing more CO2 emissions than India as a whole.

Australian data centres currently consume more power than the entire state of South Australia, and that consumption is rising.  

Such mega formats require intermediate, smaller data centre capabilities that complement and complete the distributed network. These mega facilities are typically located away from urban centres and are challenged to deliver on lower latency, higher processing demand.

From that, ResetData HyperDrive was born. Sustainable micro data centres at the urban edge, enabling low latency, higher processing capabilities.

Although relatively new to the market, we are making big impact from the get-go. Reputable industry innovators, including Intel, Nvidia and Lenovo have acknowledged the effect of our mission, technology, and foresight, and are partnering with us on this remarkable journey. This is just the beginning.