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ResetData — pioneers of sustainable technology that is, on average,
40% more cost effective.

liquid cooling as a service

We operate across the entire value chain to provide Liquid Cooling as a Service to our customers. Implementing this technology increases efficiency and reduces the total cost of ownership by 40%.

Liquid Cooling as a Service

Next generation cooling for data and energy-intense compute environments, integrating pristine, highly-efficient and sustainable technologies.

Australian-owned and managed:
keeping your data under domestic sovereignty and security.

Our Cloud Services

We provide innovative, tailored and highly scalable hosting solutions for business, powered by bleeding-edge, sustainable technology.

Bare Metal Servers

Build a dedicated server for your business. You keep control, we keep it running.

Virtual Machines

We deliver a software-based virtualised computer; you deploy any size VM on a PAYG basis.
Scale up/down as you need.

Cloud GPU

We deliver a software-based virtualised GPU; you deploy any size GPU on a PAYG basis.
Scale up/down as you need.

Omniverse on Cloud

Collaborate in the Metaverse
from any device, anywhere,
on our Cloud. Powered by Nvidia Omniverse Software.

Our difference

Bringing you the most sustainable and best performing technology, at a reduced cost.

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Who we help

Whatever the size of your business, wherever you operate and across whichever field of industry, we can provide a tailored solution that meets your unique needs - and deliver strong performance and longterm sustainability.


We enable small to medium size businesses in a wide range of industries to configure a cloud solution that fits their requirements exactly, with the flexibility to scale as they evolve.


Using open source LLMs and Neural Networks, we create AI/ML capabilities that keep customer data totally segregated and safe.


Our tailorable services enable larger organisations, national and global enterprises to build a bespoke ecosystem (including hybrid cloud) that meets their more complex cloud requirements.

Configure your cloud services today
and be part of the future of technology.

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